T-AGRIBS recognizes the integral role that modern agriculture plays in development. At T-AGRIBS, we promote agriculture technology and innovations to improve productivity and net returns for small and medium-holder farmers. Our  agriculture technology experts assess and link farmers and farmer organizations to appropriate technologies in the areas of climate-smart agriculture, nutrient and water management, information management, agriculture for renewable energy and precision agriculture among other technologies at farm-level to create an impact on crop and farm production under changing climatic conditions and for commercialization.

T-AGRIBS will assess the economics of integrating these technologies and innovations into the mainstream of major crops and livestock production and provide tailor made solutions for better returns on producer organizations’ and other equity investments.

Through high-end technology, farmers experience stress-free and cost-effective agricultural production. Our consultancy firm has thought out feasible strategies and initiatives that focus on supporting smallholder, medium and individual farmers by highlighting constraints that they face in different sub-sectors. By doing this, we alleviate the difficulties that the farmers encounter, and as a result, help give a dynamic force for global economic development.