Our staff is made up of experienced strategic planning consultants. We assist in developing strategies, business plans, financial models to private sector companies that help our clients build critical game-changing plans  for  their businesses. The use of participatory techniques and tools plus the involvement of key stakeholders optimizes the chances for a successful plan implementation and sustainability.

Our team develops comprehensive and action-oriented plans across many agribusiness situations. With our flexibility anchored on our several years of experience, we are able to design approaches that suit the operating requirements and constraints to agribusinesses.

Through strategic management, we devise and move enterprises through a sound process, from visualization to planning, implementation and reaping the benefits. This promotes :

  • Realistic Strategic visioning, planning, designing and budgeting
  • Seamless implementation and performance measuring tools
  • Process development and execution
  • Organizational capacity assessment, strengthening and development
  • Solid management control assessment, strengthening and development