Our firm embraces market systems approach to expand the capacities of the clients we support. Agricultural Trade Promotion is one of the tactical tools that seek the approval of trade agreements, which support and create jobs while helping African agriculture compete in the global marketplace.

T-AGRIBS covers the services involved in moving an agricultural product from the farm to the consumer. Our marketing systems are competitive, dynamic and involve in continuous change and improvement.

We are also involved in numerous interconnected activities such as planning, production, growing, harvesting, agro and food processing, grading, packing, transport, storage, advertising, distribution and sales. Our marketing initiatives include market information development, marketing extension, training and infrastructure development.

T-AGRIBS’ trade promotion incorporates the following:

Agricultural Marketing Support and Development
Agricultural Trade Advisory Services
Market Infrastructure development
Market Information
Market Research
Marketing Training
Facilitating Enabling Environments
Exhibitions and Symposiums