With the agriculture sector in Africa undergoing a rapid transformation, this will have dramatic implications for capacity development in the continent. Therefore the institutional capacity development of agriculture associations and cooperatives along various commodity value chains that strengthens value chain governance is very necessary for improved growth and innovation in the agriculture sector.

Also, the emphasis on agriculture within regional economic communities in Africa as high drivers of trade and economic relations between countries where policies, legislation and regulations are the basis of trade, then cooperatives, firms, companies governance need to have the capacity to define, advocate and align to these standards and factors of engagement.

To strengthen the abilities of individuals, organizations and systems in performing core functions sustainably and to continue to improve and develop over time, we utilize an evidence-driven process. This is achieved through the upgrade of skills, procedural improvements and organizational strengthening.

Our firm also teaches institutions and organizations ways to acquire and integrate resources (human, finances, networks, knowledge, systems and culture) that result in more efficient and effective operations.